Making Safety Monitoring, Training and Documentation Easy and Mobile

Whether you are in the office or on a job site we provide companies our safety software to have available all safety training programs and documentation in the palm of your hand (phone app). Training Modules, Written plans, Forms, Inspections, Audits and more.

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Our services

  • Create Folders and upload documents into your company website
  • Upload from your phone (pictures) or your computer
  • Annual OSHA Refresher Training is provided
  • Take training from your phone, iPad or computer
  • Training and quiz’s are broken out into 3-4 minute sessions so it can be done quickly and efficiently
  • Monitor all folders created for all your companies
  • Track Training Results by employee or company
  • Track daily form uploads (JSA’s, permits, audits)
  • Easy search bar on phone/iPad app when completing investigations and looking for documents associated with a employee name
  • If you are on the job you can still access your written plans, training and other information stored on your website
  • Do quick training status report on the job site for each employee from your phone or tablet
  • Employees can complete training from your phone at lunch or breaks as they average 3 minute in length and provide a quiz
  • Print forms from your phone app to your Bluetooth computer
  • Manage all safety for contractors during outage
  • Daily safety meetings
  • Daily safety walks and reports/trends
  • Safety Rovers can be Provided
  • Contractor Safety Orientation Training
  • Drug Testing
  • At Safetydrop we offer Safety professionals to work for you part time.
  • You will have access them by phone, email and digital meetings
  • You can hire them to come on site for hands on safety training or audits
  • Your safety professional can manage your safety website’s content for you
  • Also, you can request monthly reporting. Anything you want.
  • Have access to a safety professional at an 80% cost savings
  • If you site needs a Confided Space rescue service, we can provide those services
  • If you need safety professionals for an outage, we can do that too.
  • Or if you just need someone to come on-site for an OSHA related contract work, we can do that too.
Do you want to work from home as a safety? Safetydrop allows you to use the site as your own to find contractors, manufacturers and others business who need safety services. You will receive monthly pay for each account you get set-up. Great hours, great pay and work from home. Call for more information.

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